A 10 day retreat for Creative Women, Bar Harbor, Maine, The Inner Marriage, led by Emily Hanlon

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"My life is the text within which I must find the revelation of the sacred." ~Sam Keen

Creativity and the imagination are powerful allies on the path to spiritual awakening. On this retreat, we will immerse ourselves in the creative flow through a variety of ways, including writing, circle work, the fun of sharing our delicious, gourmet meals, as well as time spent alone and exploring Acadia National Park. Bar Harbor with its glorious landscape was once know as Eden. Here, nature abounds, calling to us from the land and the sea, the mountains and trees. This is the land of soul, the perfect place to hold our retreat.

Your Sacred Story: Myth and the Inner Marriage

This year we will use the writing of a myth to explore the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives. Unlike like the fairytale whose focus is personal and helps us to understand events and circumstances of our lives, myth transcends the personal; it is generally a story about cosmic truths such as creation, the relationship between human and divine, death and the "big" questions of life such as:

  • Why are we here?
  • What is our path?
  • How do we answer the call of our soul's yearnings?
  • What is love?
  • Why does our heart break?
  • Where can unconditional love can be found?

To seek the answers to these questions, we will follow the labyrinthine path of mythic journeys until we arrive at the very center of the labyrinth. There, instead of the Minator, we will find our inner bride and bridegroom are waiting. They have been waiting a very long time to unite in wholeness, and gift us with the unconditional love for which we yearn. The Inner Marriage is the ultimate archetype of wholeness. On the retreat, our circle work will be a journey to our final celebration of the Inner Marriage within each of us. Let us celebrate together!

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